Phantom Models

In 1885, the Swiss gentlemen Christoph Theodor Aeby and Alfred Büchi, respectively an anatomist and an engineer, built the first model of a brain representing the nerve fibres and the emotional areas of the human brain for scientific and educational purposes. This creation was so successful in the nineteenth century that more than twenty medical and biological institutes throughout the world wanted one. The aim was to train doctors and do research on the human mind, at a cost of 500 Swiss francs. Phantom Models is a cultural project – still in progress – to promote the artistic and scientific heritage eveloped
through contemporary art. The goal is to locate all the models produced by the two scholars, exhibit them and promote them through exhibitions, presentations, workshops and conferences. It seems that, in many cases, these ancient creations have been lost or destroyed. Thanks to information published in 1884 by Professor Aeby, Fogarolli has been able to draw up a list of cities that bought this model and to reconstruct copies for the institutions and cities that have lost their original models.