Le monde du ticqueur


The entire project has a number of works which contain some reflections about how humans constantly use their forces to destroy themself and their own memory, and how then they strive, in the other direction, for recovering, regenerating the bodies and saving memories. The artworks can be interpreted under a twofold reading, on the one hand the artistic and creative ability of mankind to rebuild itself physically and mentally through objects, experiences and mechanisms; on the other hand they intertwine and relate these operations to dynamic and topical events of today. The artist has shifted these reflections even on different organisms like animals and plants: how do they deal with loss? Which is the triggered action in case of a physical damage? Which are the  imilarities and differences? Considering these interests, intrinsic of his own research, Fogarolli collaborated with public and private archives, collectors, and plastic surgeons. The series on show, Remember, originated from a collaboration with the Museum Vrolik Academic Medical Center, Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden, that was presented at de Appel arts center in the last year. Thanks to these added skills he has built a series of installations, sculptures and photographic materials that indicate how often scientific disciplines exploited art in the name of progress to formulate intricate reflections on “normal” and “deviance”.


Fantômes de la musique2016, painted plaster, level, hearing, environmental dimensions


Remember, Repeat2015, installation view

Remember, Repeatlithium, installation view


Promeneur2016, iron, spy mirror, supports of legs, photo, 180 x 60 x 100 cm

 Promeneur, 2016, detail


Le monde du ticqueur, 2016, Installation view at Galerie Alberta Pane, Paris 

Griffe2016, white marble, iron, 110 x 12 x 12 cm


Lithos2016, white marble of Carrara, iron, lithium, glasses, 110 x 85 x 30 cm



 Anosmie, 2016, white marble, resin, archive photo, environmental dimension 
Anosmie, 2016, detail